Product description


atimespace camera is a photographing, photographing and social photographing software. When you use the time-stamping app to record the scene events that need to be recorded, the time, location and photographer's information will be recorded at the same time Generate an exclusive two-dimensional code in the screen. You can view, delete, upload, share, photo QR code information of local and cloud photos and videos. You can also group and share cloud photos.

The photos and videos taken with the space-time camera software have unmodifiable features to ensure the maximum screen and recording time, and you can also use the software's scanning function to scan the QR code of other photos or videos , Contrast cloud server returned photos or video information to verify its authenticity.

二、Contact information





Step 1: Click the "Register New User" button in the login interface to enter the registration interface;

Step 2: Enter the user name and password, click the registration button below to complete the registration.


Enter the user name and password during registration, and click the login button to complete the login.

3.Forget password

Click Forgot your password, enter the Forgot Password interface, select the Retrieve mode, enter the account name, click Get verification code, follow the prompts, click Next; reset the password, click Finish to return to the login screen to log in again.

Home page


The home page is a memo page before shooting. The user can add a title and a comment for the shot before shooting (or add a detailed description after the shooting is completed), and click "Start Taking" to enter the shooting interface.


Shooting interface contains two-dimensional code information, time information and notes title.


Click on the home page in the upper right corner of the avatar can enter the settings interface, personalize the app.


Here you can view historical photos and timeline publishing information, you can also collect the content of the space-time line of interest.


Atimespace app support social circle release, space-time line can browse the text and picture sharing, divided into default mode and card mode.

2.My release

Here you record the release of space-time lines, where you can publish the space-time line print set to be deleted.


Here you can invite friends to co-edit a press release.


Pictures and videos taken using space-time app are saved in local album. Users can view the shooting information in local album, share or upload to the photo album.


Users can upload pictures and videos to the cloud album to prevent loss. You can create different stamp sets in the Cloud Album and customize the viewing permissions for each stamp set.

Share it

1.Message list

The photos and videos captured using the time stamp app are saved in a local album. The user can view the shooting information in a local album, share or upload to a photo gallery, and click on the upper right corner to view the friend list and friend request.


Users can send pictures and videos in the chat interface, but also view the files sent by friends and save them locally.