User agreement and privacy policy

I.The service agreement

welcome to use atimespace camera service of wuhan YCK communication technology co., LTD.

Special remind:Before you read and decide whether to accept the atimespace service agreement , the YCK company specifically reminds you to pay attention to the contents of articles 3, 5, 7 and 9 of this agreement. If you doubt this agreement, or can't accept this agreement in whole or in part, or in the use of atimespace need YCK company feedback to the right, please don't hesitate to get in touch with YCK company:


1.The agreement and definition:

1)This agreement is an agreement between you and YCK company regarding your use of atimespace service. YCK company may update this agreement at any time according to its own judgment of the elements such as business, applicable law and policy. If you are unable to accept this agreement or the future updated versions of all or part of this agreement, may contact YCK company, before you do not communicate with YCK company is consistent, please stop using atimespace.

2)atimespace camera: For development of YCK company, operation and management of a application software products, designed to provide you with free of charge within the scope of this agreement, non-exclusive and global software licensing and technical services.

2. Intellectual property statement: Atimespace bring all versions, technology, application and all of the information content (" atimespace seal information content ", including but not limited to, product function, the user interface, operation steps, trademarks, patents, computer software works) of the intellectual property rights are owned by YCK company, YCK company right use of your software license under any circumstances should not be considered to transfer to you time and space to print all part or all of the intellectual property rights. You download throughatimespace, using, and upload any image information and content, only your personal entertainment, study, research or use, without the written consent of YCK company cannot be used for any commercial purposes.

3. Your necessary authorization: You can use the information contained in the information content of the atimespace camera. You agree to grant a right YCK company to provide this service, to optimize the service and promote the necessary for the purpose of this service for free, non exclusive, irrevocable can be used on a global scale you are in the service of information content is right. Atimespace will do his best to use the information content in a reasonable scope, and you need not represent YCK company for the above information will be used, also do not change you for the information content of ownership and intellectual property ownership, more do not affect you to any legal information such use.

4. Personal information protection:Protecting your personal information is a fundamental principle of YCK company. The company will collect, use, store and manage your personal information in accordance with this agreement and the privacy policy of the right section.

5.Your legal use: You should be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the data information such as pictures, production, release or storage of the camera. You are not allowed to make, store or publish the following information using atimespace:

1)The performance of national and social security information may include, but not limited to, the basic principles established by the constitution; Endanger national security, divulge state secrets, subvert state power and destroy national unity; Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity; To undermine the state's religious policies and promote cults and feudal superstitions; Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability; Promoting gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting a crime; Incite unlawful assembly, association, procession, demonstration, or mass disorder of social order; Other contents that are prohibited by laws, administrative regulations and state regulations.

2)Pornographic information may include but not limited to the distribution of pornographic and pornographic content, including but not limited to the recruitment of prostitutes, the search for a one-night stand, sexual partners and other contents; Publish pornographic text, pornographic video, pornographic pictures, etc. Long - term publication with obscene, pornographic content or suggestive content.

3)Infringement information may include, but not limited to, the production, publication, storage of infringing other people's right of reputation, portrait, privacy, intellectual property rights and other legal rights.

4)The performance of unfair competition information may include, but not limited to, the content of the distribution of tampering, addition or subtraction, and the deletion of rights; Issue the content of unauthorized party authorization.

5)Other information that violates laws, regulations, policies and social public order, or disturbs the normal operation of time and space and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.

If you have the above illegal or infringes upon the lawful rights of others behavior, YCK company has the right to take appropriate measures, including but not limited to: delete the illegal information content, such as suspension of your software licensing and stop all technical service, to resort to law enforcement agencies or judicial organs. In case of any loss or damage caused by your illegal or improper use of atimespace, you shall bear all the responsibilities.

6. Advertising business license: Atimespace may include ads in print, it belongs to the legitimate YCK company business model, you agree to receive from right in the process of using atimespace YCK company partner of advertising information with a third party.

7. Force majeure and other exemptions: Atimespace will receive in use of force majeure or other factors including but not limited to the following: the influence of political reasons, social environment, natural disasters, economic crisis, a computer virus or hacker attacks, server or system instability, your special position, any technical ability, network quality and communication lines, computer fault (hereinafter generally referred to as the ground "relief"). Ground if appear afore-mentioned relief, YCK company will work hard to repair or remedy in time, in the first time losses to you, YCK company liability to the extent permitted under applicable laws and policies.

8. Applicable laws and policies: Matters relating to this agreement shall be governed by the laws and policies of the People's Republic of China (but excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) (" applicable laws and policies "). Such applicable laws and policies may be in the process of dynamic change, therefore, if because of the application of law and policy changes, caused to you or YCK or omit's rights under this agreement, this agreement shall not constitute the whole or a clause natural invalid or terminate the enforceability of the basis, unless the change of any such applicable law and policy belong to effective mandatory provisions.

9. Jurisdiction of legal disputes: If appeared between you and YCK company with this agreement and/or legal disputes related to atimespace, as long as when a dispute of this agreement and applicable law policy will allow wuhan YCK communication technology co., LTD. Is located as the only or one of them, under the jurisdiction of the dispute, you agree to by wuhan YCK communication technology co., LTD. Is located to the people's court that has jurisdiction over the exclusive jurisdiction of the dispute.

II. Privacy policy

We attach great importance to your privacy:

YCK and its associated controls (" atimespace ", "we" or "our") are committed to protecting the privacy of our users (" users "or" you "). This privacy policy (" this policy ") aims to show you how we collect, store, use, and manage this information when using our services. This information includes the personal information you provide to us or the relevant information we collected through our website or mobile application terminal. The collection channels mainly include: (" our website "), Or other mobile devices (such as apple devices and android devices) that provide the time and space printed application products (" our services "). Please note that this policy is limited to the information that you send to and from the time and space printing when you use our services.

Using our services means that you agree with this policy and agree to collect and process your data (including your personal information) in the manner specified in this policy. If you do not agree with any provision of this policy and future revision, please do not use the service.

If this policy or any privacy issues related to have any questions, please contact us via mail or sent by registered mail way to: YCK company, address to the riverbank in wuhan area after 111 lake avenue hankou city square 4 office building, room 501.

We may collect information.

In order to provide you with a better service, we will collect your relevant data and information within the bounds of the law and only when you use certain functions or services.

The information you provided us.

When you use our services, we may recommend that you register aatimespace account so that you can make the most of our services and their advantages. When you register atimespace account, we will collect the information you have provided to identify your identity, this information includes your account name, account registration time and space, such as mobile phone Numbers, seal the necessary information.

The information we get when you use the service.

Equipment information

When you are using any of atimespace on the mobile platform application, we may collect and record some information, such as your product unique identification (continuous/discontinuous), the hardware type, medium access control (MAC) address, international mobile telephone equipment code (IMEI), your operating system (OS) version, your name and your location (give your Internet protocol (IP) addresses, SIM card country code, GPS). This information helps us to solve problems and understand the general user preferences.We may collect your location information to provide you with the right application version for better service. Unless otherwise agreed herein, we will not share this information with any third party. If you don't want us to track or use this information, you can disable the network, GPS, or disable us access to your network, GPS, and device information on the device.In addition, we may have created a unique user id to track your use of our service. This unique user id is stored with your profile information so that you can understand that you are using a spatio-temporal print application.

Used log

When you use our services, including participation, generate, browsing the content related to our service, we will automatically collect space-time printing application in some related log information, this information includes: (1) the details about the use of your time and use frequency. (2) equipment statistics, critical operation path, error log, crash record, language and time zone, etc. These log messages can help us better understand and improve our services, not to identify any particular individual.


Metadata is usually the technical data associated with the user's content. In short, he is the data that describes the data. For example, it can describe the location information contained in the image (or similar file) and the creation time of the file, including the rough character features and the contents contained in the image. Normally, these metadata cannot be used to identify any particular individual. These metadata are intended to improve the purpose of the service, not to identify any particular individual.

BBS information

Some of our websites or applications offer a public - oriented society BBS. Please note that if you post information on these sites, any user who can log on to the site will be able to read your information, or collect and use it. If you can't delete your personal information from BBS, please contact us. Sometimes, we may not be able to delete your personal information, in which case we will inform you of this situation and its causes.


We may show ads and probably for tracking in service purpose to collect and use information about you, such as your device identifier, MAC address and IMEI, geographical position, and IP address. This information is seen as an advertisement for creating internal user Numbers to help us count and track language, location, and other details better. We will not sell this information to third parties.Information collected by third parties.

Third party service

The services we provide may include third-party tracking tools belonging to our service providers. The third party may use cookies, Apls (application programming interface) and SDKs (software program development kit) in the services we provide, which means we collect and analyze user information. Third party may access your device identifier, MAC (media access control) address and IMEI (mobile devices nationality identity code), area (using the specific location of a given language), geographical location information and the information such as IP address, to provide services under its respective privacy policy. Our privacy policy will not cover the use of third-party tracking tools. We have no access or control to write a third party. If you want to know more about third party information, please send email to

How do we use information?

We collect user information to improve service quality and user experience. In order to achieve this goal, we may use your information for:

1. Create an account for atimespace;

2. To operate and improve our services;

3. To learn about you and your preferences to enhance the experience and pleasure of using our service;

4. Respond to your comments and questions and provide customer service;

5. Provide and deliver the products and services you require;

6. Send information related to you, including confirmation, technical notice, update, security warning, support and administrative information;

7. Enables you to communicate with other users;

8. Connect it with other information we receive from third parties to better understand your preferences and provide you with better services;

9. For the above purposes, process your information in other countries.

Information limit disclosure

We do not have the right to disclose all or part of your information unless the following occurs:

1.To protect the safety of the person or property of another;

2. To prevent or solve network fraud;

3. To maintain the legal rights and interests of the right branch company;

4. The purpose of the implementation of the "information we may collect" is the premise that the receiving party shall be equally subject to the policy constraints and can provide full information protection;

5. According to the provisions of laws and regulations, or comply with the requirements of government departments and judicial organs; Usually the above requirements are to protect network security and protect us, our users and third party rights, property and security.

Information security

We use reasonable measures to prevent the loss of information, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure. For example, in some services, we will use cryptography (such as SSL) to protect your personal information. But you can understand (in the Internet industry) that even if you do your best to strengthen security, you can't always guarantee 100 percent security. You need to understand that the systems and communications networks you use to access our services are likely to be problematic because of factors beyond our control.

Information access and control.

We will take all reasonable and appropriate technical means to ensure that you can access, update and correct your own registration information or use other personal information provided by our service. When accessing, updating, correcting, and deleting the aforementioned information, we may require you to authenticate to secure your account.

Data retention

Subject to the requirements of the laws and regulations, we will keep your information in accordance with the "how we use the information" section or the time limit for your service. If you wish to delete your account or request that we no longer use your information for your service, please send an email to

You agree to transact across borders.

You understand and agree that :(i) we can store information collected by this policy on servers in mainland China or other countries, and the whole process requires cross-border transmission of personal information; And (ii) we may send your information to our affiliate control company or to a cross-boundary third party based on this policy. Please note that the above countries and regions may not like your country or region's level of data protection, you agree to transmit information to the Chinese mainland and according to this policy to use and disclosure of your information, including personal information. If you don't agree or you want more information, send an email to

This policy update

You agree that we will update this policy according to the laws and regulations or the business decisions of the right section. You are willing to be bound by the revised policy. If there is a major change in this policy, we will make the announcement on the website when necessary. We suggest you pay regular attention to our website announcement.Last revision date: November 2, 2017.